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Links & Resources

This page has links to various websites and businesses that I think may be useful to people who use this website. Most links are conveyancing and property related, but some are also to other tools that businesses and private sector people may find useful.

If you think that my clients may benefit by having your business or website listed here, please contact me with your suggestion.


Code of Conduct

  • Always act in their clients best interest

  • Avoid conflicts of interest

  • Be diligent

  • Be fair

  • Be honest

  • Have the utmost integrity

  • Be trustworthy

  • Communicate clearly with all parties

  • Maintain confidentiality

Member of the New Zealand Society of Conveyancers

The New Zealand Society of Conveyancers promotes the highest standard of behavior in its members. In fulfilling their duty to clients conveyancers should:

NZ Society of Conveyancers.



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