Conveyancing Services

Ann handles all matters in relation to conveying, or transferring ownership of real estate from one party to another. In addition to preparing the legal documentation to facilitate the change of ownership, she co-ordinates all parties involved through confirmation of the contract to settlement and beyond to enable a smooth transaction.

For a Vendor

  • Preparation of the Agreement for Sale & Purchase

  • Search Title for any encumbrances that would need to be removed prior to settlement

  • Ensuring any conditions are satisfied within the time allowed by the Agreement

  • Liaise with the outgoing mortgagee to obtain “payout” figure as at settlement date to discharge the mortgage over the property

  • Prepare settlement statement and organise settlement to take place on the settlement date or as agreed between the parties

  • Preparation of the discharge as instructed by mortgagee

  • Advising and consulting closely with the Vendor both in writing and verbally throughout the process, taking and acting upon instructions given and keeping the Vendor up to date with the progress of their sale.

For a Purchaser

  • Perusal of the Agreement for Sale & Purchase noting general terms and identifying any potential issues that would need to be dealt with within the time frame stipulated in the Agreement (Further conditions etc.)

  • Liaise with the incoming mortgagee to ensure all of their requirements are met within the specified time and documents have been executed and funds will be available

  • Search Title and obtain Deposited Plan and copies of all registered documents affecting Title

  • Ordering Land Information Memorandum from the relevant Council and a building report, if required

  • Preparation of any legal documents to be executed, attending to all pre-settlement requirements, arranging settlement and registration of documents by eDealing

  • Confirming insurance has been arranged for property from settlement or possession date

  • Advising and consulting closely with Purchaser both in writing and verbally throughout the process, taking and acting upon instructions given and keeping the Purchaser up to date with the progress of their purchase

I also attend to the many and varied other issues that my come up throughout the course of the matter, for both Vendor and Purchaser clients.

There is much more information on my FAQ (frequently asked questions) page, but I urge you to contact me in the first instance and I will be able to put your mind at ease regarding the numerous questions that can arise when buying, selling or transferring property.

If you have already become quite used to the process, why not fill in the free quote form and see how competitive my rates are.

Why use my services rather than a solicitor?

  • Low flat fee – my professional fee is less than what a solicitor would charge
  • I specialise in Conveyancing and my 7 years of legal studies were in the area of law with 4 years solely in Conveyancing Law and Practice. I do not work in all aspects of general law as solicitors do.
  • I have had 4 years experience working in the area of property law giving advice to clients on a wide variety of scenarios and situations that may come up during the course of the conveyancing process.
  • I have the appropriate qualifications, training and experience to manage conveyancing transactions, from taking initial instructions, through confirmation and on to settlement and including preparation and registration of documents on title.
  • I meet with and report back to clients, and complete all the legal work myself. You can be confident the work on your matter is being completed by a qualified legal practitioner.
  • I am accessible to all clients after hours by mobile
  • I provide a professional and friendly service to clients, speaking to them in terms that they are able to understand and demystify the conveyancing process for them – I do not use legal “jargon” to confuse them.
  • My main focus is to be the best I can be at what I do and in turn giving my clients an experience where they are happy to return to me with further business and encouraging their friends to do the same.


Clients said

"I have always used Ann Merridith Cullen and find her efficient and professional and would have no hesitation in using her in the future or recommending her..."
Patricia Webb